Clockwork Wings By Stacy Buck

Clockwork Wings By Stacy Buck.

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Squato The Undead By Stacy & Jennifer Buck – Review

Squato The Undead By Stacy & Jennifer Buck – Review.

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Clockwork Wings: The Chronicles of Icarus

Clockwork Wings: The Chronicles of Icarus.

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I’ve finally completed all five episodes of Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Collected Edition Parts 1-5. You can now get the entire series in one bundle for a discounted price of $2.99, which, gives you two episodes for free! Read the story that’s half World War Z and half Game of Thrones. Jump on it and get your copy before you drop undead.




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Writin is for Pimpz only

Writin is for Pimpz only.

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The Man With The Iron Fists

I just finished watching the Man with the Iron Fists and I was thoroughly impressed. The RZA did a brilliant job of creating a fresh look on an old genre that’s seen its fair share of bad movies. This movie was everything Kill Bill with a supernatural element and ancient Chinese origins. Mr. RZA did a fine directing job and equally as well on the acting. With a sprinkle of Lucy Lu and a dash of Russell Crowe there was plenty of star power even though they weren’t used to what I thought was their full potential. Crowe was funny and his sexual promiscuity was entertaining to say the least.

The story telling was profound. It was exciting to see something so different from the average Hollywood remakes and sequels that are pushed down our throats. This is the type of story telling that makes me excited to be a writer. It inspires me and makes me eager to find my ideal reader. As I work on the second volume of Squanto Ballad of a Zombie Killer, I will keep in mind this kind of edgy and risk taking story telling, in the hopes that my work continues to be something different and exciting.

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